Finding a Horse Doctor

Veterinarian compatibility

A systematic approach is best used to locate a veterinarian that is compatible with your horse health goals. You should consider some of these topics:

  1. Where is the vet located
  2. How long has the vet been in practice
  3. Staff and environment
  4. Ability to talk and explain situations


You want to make sure your are somewhat near the clinic in case of an emergency, so that way to you save time when you need it most. Emergencies can sometimes cost extra, however, it is often unavoidable, and is neccessary. The only way to can avoid it is to take your animal to the vets office, which will save money . In most cases, it is easier for both you and your veterinarian if your animals are located close to the home base of your veterinarian



Veterinarians often become more proficient through experience, and this is how they learn and improve. It is wise to choose a more experienced vet for more serious situations. The good news is that there are often times an experienced vet in most clinics, so you wont have to worry about there not being one.

Less experienced veterinarians will generally be more available for appointments, as the experienced veterinarian are more busy. So, depending on the issue, you can balance the availability and enthusiasm of a less experienced veterinarian for most activities, but call on the experience of the older veterinarian for those difficult more advanced cases.


This can be a critical topic for any horse owner choosing a vet. The ability to develop a relationship with your vet is very important, and should be considered strongly. Ideally, the veterinary relationship is by no means short-term. Your veterinarian learns more about your animals, their history, behavior, even their personalities, as time goes by. This value of the doctor-patient relationship grows over time and should be cherished strongly.